Getting a professional paint job on your model.

If you are a potential wargamer or model maker you will no doubt have seen the incredible work done professional figure and model painters. Following the influential work of artists like John Blanche and Fraser Gray in the world of Warhammer and the use of Citadel miniatures has seen these pushed up into the realms of high art. Similarly, when it comes to model kit building a decent paint and accurate paint job can make all the difference when it comes to the finished article. How do you get that perfect finish? Here are a few pointers .

  1. Undercoat, undercoat, undercoat this really is one of the the most important and overlooked aspects of the paint job. Rather that just go straight in with your paints it is a essential to give the model “a bit of skin”. This is true for both plastic kits and white metal miniatures as it allows the colours to adhere much better. It doesn’t particularly matter what you use but as a rule of thumb white paint is better if you want the model to have a high detail light finish and black if you are looking for a darker tone. If you want to get several pieces done then using a spray booth can take out a lot of the work and is less time consuming. These are often used by commercial companies that need to spray paint large items or lots of items in one go and Spray Booth Filters will be included in these.  You can find a wide range of spray booth filters at Dust Spares

Getting a professional paint job on your model.

  1. Applying a base layer. Decided on what you want the models main bulk colours are and getting painting after the undercoat is bone dry. The model will look pretty flat but don’t worry this will soon change when you apply the one of these techniques.

Getting a professional paint job on your model.

  1. Dry Brushing. This is a very quick and effective way of adding detail to a figure. Take and

old brush and coat it in a colour lighter than the base. Wipe off all of the paint and then briskly drag the brush across the model.  The light colour will pick out the detail.

  1. This is more complicated. You start with a colour and work you way your way up to the target colour you want achieve added different layers each time. The easiest way to do this is have a pallet with the transition colours all laid out and added to the starting colour gently. It takes some practice.
  2. Ink washes. Finally dilute the paint and apply a light wash with the paint and let it sink it to the detail to emphasis it. If you want some definition lining then go with Black.

This is just the start of a wider world but give it a go and see what results you get.

Consider these things when buying a holiday home

If you are thinking about buying a holiday home, there are various points to consider. If you plan to use the holiday home simply as a retreat for your family, you may look at different aspects than you would if you hope to let it out for part of the year. Think about how often you will be able to enjoy your holiday home, as this can make a difference in various ways.

Consider these things when buying a holiday home

Letting out your holiday home

According to The Telegraph, figures published by the Resolution Foundation indicate that as many as one out of ten adults in the UK own a second property. This represents an increase of around 30% in the proportion of people owning more than one home.

Apparently, less than 3.5% of second home owners rent out their properties, but if you plan to let your holiday home, you need to think about what will appeal to holidaymakers.

This might include facilities such as a swimming pool or a games room. The location of your property is also important as a holiday home close to good restaurants and shops may appeal to a wider group of people than one that is situated in a more remote area.

Consider these things when buying a holiday home

Finally, the size of the property is also important if you are planning to let it out to holidaymakers. If you can accommodate larger groups, you will be able to maximise your rental charges.

Aspects to consider before buying

When you are buying a holiday home there are various legal implications to be aware of, particularly if you are buying a home abroad. Certain places may ban second home ownership because of the effects this can have on the local community and businesses.

You may decide to downsize and move into a new home on a permanent basis. If you are looking for park homes Gloucestershire has various options including those that can be found at Study the park rules and visit at different times of day to research how a particular location will suit your lifestyle.

Decide on your preferred location and check out the local services that are available. Factors such as transport links and the location of services such as health care facilities, libraries and retail outlets can be increasingly important as you grow older.

How to pair your suit and shirt selection

Selecting a shirt might seem an easy task, however, there are so many styles, fabrics and designs it can soon become daunting. There are a few tips on shirt selection that can help you identify the right shirt for you, whatever the occasion.

How to pair your suit and shirt selection

Men’s shirts are now not only a functional item but a style statement. The type of shirt you wear can dictate not only the way people perceive you but also the way you feel about yourself. For these reasons choosing the right shirt is important for the modern man.

The right fit

The fit of your shirt is perhaps the most important aspect. The fit should flatter your torso. The right fit for you is individual, so you need to think about whether you should opt for a slim fit, skinny fit, classic fit, fuller fit or contemporary fit. For example, a fuller fitted shirt gives more room under the arms and has a generous cut to the body and sleeves.

The number of pockets

Many men feel comfortable with a pocket, while others prefer the sleek look of no pockets. A shirt without a pocket looks more formal than a shirt with a pocket. If a shirt has two pockets, one on either side, it looks casual.

How to pair your suit and shirt selection

Traditional plackets

The placket is the part that runs down the front of the shirt where the buttons sit. The traditional American placket is a separate piece of fabric running down the shirt which adds symmetry to the shirt and is a popular choice for business shirts. The French placket is a more polished alternative and does not show any stitching. The three-quarter placket is seen on polo shirts and only extends part of the way down the front for a casual look.

The latest seasonal styles

There are many shirt styles and newspapers such as The Guardian run regular features on the best of men’s shirts for the current season. There are also many online and offline retailers who are experts in men’s shirts, such as, which stock all the latest brands, such as mens Farah shirts.

Whatever type of shirt you want to try, the first thing to think about is fit, followed by pocket style and placket design. Other considerations are button placement, back pleating, and of course, the type of fabric.