Selecting a shirt might seem an easy task, however, there are so many styles, fabrics and designs it can soon become daunting. There are a few tips on shirt selection that can help you identify the right shirt for you, whatever the occasion.

How to pair your suit and shirt selection

Men’s shirts are now not only a functional item but a style statement. The type of shirt you wear can dictate not only the way people perceive you but also the way you feel about yourself. For these reasons choosing the right shirt is important for the modern man.

The right fit

The fit of your shirt is perhaps the most important aspect. The fit should flatter your torso. The right fit for you is individual, so you need to think about whether you should opt for a slim fit, skinny fit, classic fit, fuller fit or contemporary fit. For example, a fuller fitted shirt gives more room under the arms and has a generous cut to the body and sleeves.

The number of pockets

Many men feel comfortable with a pocket, while others prefer the sleek look of no pockets. A shirt without a pocket looks more formal than a shirt with a pocket. If a shirt has two pockets, one on either side, it looks casual.

How to pair your suit and shirt selection

Traditional plackets

The placket is the part that runs down the front of the shirt where the buttons sit. The traditional American placket is a separate piece of fabric running down the shirt which adds symmetry to the shirt and is a popular choice for business shirts. The French placket is a more polished alternative and does not show any stitching. The three-quarter placket is seen on polo shirts and only extends part of the way down the front for a casual look.

The latest seasonal styles

There are many shirt styles and newspapers such as The Guardian run regular features on the best of men’s shirts for the current season. There are also many online and offline retailers who are experts in men’s shirts, such as, which stock all the latest brands, such as mens Farah shirts.

Whatever type of shirt you want to try, the first thing to think about is fit, followed by pocket style and placket design. Other considerations are button placement, back pleating, and of course, the type of fabric.