IP and VoIP – what’s the difference?

Voice communications are going digital. Gradually the backbone networks that support our phone calls are moving to fibre optics and digital handling of calls, and VoIP allows us to make low-cost calls over the internet.

IP and VoIP - what’s the difference?

As VoIP gains in popularity http://www.talktechdaily.com/infographic-landline-voip/, it’s easy to think that this is the basis of all new call technology. But in fact, there are subtle differences between VoIP and IP telephony and it’s important to understand what they are.

Internet protocol

IP refers to internet protocol. Put simply this means using the hardware and software of an internet connection to provide communications. This can be for data, voice or video and it can allow you to share a connection for a number of different purposes.

VoIP uses IP as its carrier to make calls via the internet. However, IP isn’t restricted to calls, it refers to the whole infrastructure of digital communications.

Voice over internet protocol

VoIP is, essentially, a means of making voice calls over IP while adding user-friendly features to assist with call handling. VoIP is a set of protocols that allow you to make calls in a digital environment. This could be used internally within a local network, or over the internet to make calls to anywhere.

IP and VoIP - what’s the difference?

The most popular application of VoIP for business is to allow the use of an AZ termination provider such as https://www.idtexpress.com/blog/category/voice-termination/ in order to cut the cost of business calls to any destination.

Practical considerations

In practical terms then, IP telephony is about digitising the communications network and about integrating it with other forms of communication. VoIP is the means of implementing this to allow people to make and receive calls either via a softphone application or via IP phone hardware. It can be implemented entirely in the cloud so you can do away with the requirement to have an in-house PBX system.

There are a number of advantages to this, for example, calls within your business – even to branch offices – can be made within the network at no cost. You can also have a central number for all of your locations and staff can be reached on their business number wherever they happen to be. This, plus features like automated call handling and voice mail, can give you the appearance of being a much larger business.

Why Rugby Is Perfect for Girls

Many people think of rugby as only a boys’ sport. So it’s interesting to know that the appeal of rugby for girls is actually on the rise, despite the almost 200-year-old tradition of it being a man’s game. Rugby for girls is on the rise, going toe to toe with the rise in boys playing rugby across the world. Here are some reasons why rugby is perfect for girls.

Why Rugby Is Perfect for Girls

There’s More Equality

The rules of rugby are the same whether you are a girl or a boy. Up to a certain age boys and girls even compete together, showing great gender equality across the game. From this standpoint, girls can see they can do anything a boy can do, which really helps with confidence and self esteem.

Improved Self-Esteem

Rugby involves positions that need size and strength, and it’s a game that tests agility and speed. It’s a really great all-round sport that can boost the confidence of any young girl. Regardless of physique or fitness level, there’s a position for everybody. It’s all about having the right dedication and mindset to play the game.

Many girls love playing rugby, as you can improve your fitness with rugby drills. There are plenty of rugby drills through Sportplan you and your child can go through to encourage fitness and self-esteem.

Why Rugby Is Perfect for Girls

It’s Affordable for All

Schools and parents find that rugby is an inexpensive option for sport for young people. The equipment needed is pretty minimal, as most is provided by the club or school itself.

Friends for Life

Girls who play rugby together have shown that they build very strong relationships with their teammates. As well as having the team’s support, the leagues and rugby community as a whole help young girls too.

Rugby Empower Girls

Rugby is truly a sport that is empowering for not only young women but women of any age. Girls can happily boost their self-esteem through this team sport as well as build lasting friendships with their team-mates and more resilience against physical and mental harm. Rugby is a test of strength, not only from a physical standpoint but also mentally, which is why it’s the best sport to choose when wanting to raise empowered young women.